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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Lenses have arrived...


My lenses finally arrived from B&H

Although I have not had a chance to shoot the 400mm F5.6L yet, I have taken the 200mm F2.8L For a spin:

Cody's football game last weekend at Canby (Best of the bunch)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Finally Pulled The Trigger...!

Well, the sale of our house FINALLY closed and we recieved the proceeds yesterday so I finally did what I said I was gonna do....

Put my order in with B&H Pro Photo for some serious camera equipment:

I bought the famed wildlife photographer lens "Canon 400mm F5.6 L"
the also well known Sports Photography lens "Canon 200mm F2.8 L"
A decent Flash Unit "Canon 430ex"
A Cheap Tamron 1.4x Teleconverter to add to my various lenses to get some additional reach
A Manfrotto Monopod to help stablize these lenses (Especially the 400mm)

Total with shipping... ~$2400.00

I fear this will likely be my last Photography purchase for quite some time....

Cant wait to play with the new toys...


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well...back to work.
This week begins the new term at PCC. I have had over a month off which, I must say, was pretty darn nice.

Cody has a night game this week at Tigard Highschool under the lights.

gonna try to Rent a Canon 200mm F2.8 L for the game. This will be a nice test drive to help me decide if I really want to buy one.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Ball is rolling...

Ok, I've been hemming and hawing over a new lens. This time it's gonna be Painful expensive so I wanted to make sure that I get the right one.

I already own a 17-85mm for general shooting of the family,etc
I also own a 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 IS USM for sports in good light, animals in good light etc.

I want 2 things in a new lens:
more Reach (Sometimes the 300mm is not enough for small birds further then 20-30ft)
Work in low light (I need something for low light football games under the lights, etc)

So, here is the first thing I found:
Sigma 100-300mm F2.8

The F2.8 will let enough light in for low light shooting BUT, I still am only at 300mm on the far end....Still no gain in reach so Am only killing One of my two birds with a $2000 stone.....OUCH.

So, I decided to look at 2 seperate "Fixed" lenses (No Zoom) and actually found a BETTER solution for LESS Money...

Canon 200mm F2.8 L

This I'll use for sports shooting under the lights, etc. This is a very popular "L" Lens used by pro sports photographers and can be had for about $600

Canon 400mm F5.6L

The famous 400mm F5.6 is probably the best known and most widely used wildlife lens. Again, an "L" Lens used by professional wildlife photographers. I Get 400mm reach and the now FAMOUS "Tack Sharp" quality of this lens. this lens is heralded as one of the Sharpest lenses that canon makes......and only $1000. Not free by any means but WAY cheaper than many of the lenses out there.

SO,....I get two Professional "L" Canon lenses (Cannot be beat) for LESS then what I would have paid for the Sigma (Not a bad lens, but it AINT a Canon "L" Lens), and I kill 2 birds with my stone.....Not too shabby.

It pays to research and price shop for sure.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

First Published Picture

I got a really lucky photo last week at Cody's football game.

Caught a touchdown pass while the receiver was in mid-air, jumping up to catch it....I was in the perfect spot to catch the photo.

Tigard Times published the picture in their sports section along with the story of the game.

pretty sweet.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bitten Again By the photography bug...

Well...It's official. I am, once again, bitten by the bug of Photography (this time in Digital).

I used to really be into photography during high school and college. Back then using two Richo-XR10 Body's and a small bagful of Tamron Lenses.

I got some great shots back then but the costs of film and processing forced me to take a 10+ year hiatus.

Well..I'm back now with the introduction of the "Prosumer" Digital SLR (Canon Digital Rebel XT aka 350D).

I've owend the camera for about 1 year now and have shot thousands of shots. I am already consistently acheiving better results with my new setup then I ever did with my old 35mm gear.

The bad news is that Photography is kind of like body art (tattoos) it can be very addicting. Lenses are very very spendy and now, I have am finding myself wanting more of the pro-quality lenses (the big white ones you see on TV during NFL games and the like). On the LOW END these lenses are about $1k. they rapidly approach the $5k range.

Here's my current gallery with some "decent" shots and with a very few "great" shots. As my skills improve, hopefully the ratio will sway to the other side...