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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bitten Again By the photography bug...

Well...It's official. I am, once again, bitten by the bug of Photography (this time in Digital).

I used to really be into photography during high school and college. Back then using two Richo-XR10 Body's and a small bagful of Tamron Lenses.

I got some great shots back then but the costs of film and processing forced me to take a 10+ year hiatus.

Well..I'm back now with the introduction of the "Prosumer" Digital SLR (Canon Digital Rebel XT aka 350D).

I've owend the camera for about 1 year now and have shot thousands of shots. I am already consistently acheiving better results with my new setup then I ever did with my old 35mm gear.

The bad news is that Photography is kind of like body art (tattoos) it can be very addicting. Lenses are very very spendy and now, I have am finding myself wanting more of the pro-quality lenses (the big white ones you see on TV during NFL games and the like). On the LOW END these lenses are about $1k. they rapidly approach the $5k range.

Here's my current gallery with some "decent" shots and with a very few "great" shots. As my skills improve, hopefully the ratio will sway to the other side...



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